2021 New Year’s Dental Health Resolutions

It feels like the end of 2020 can’t come soon enough. With the whole world turned upside down this year, it can be hard to think about what will happen next year. While the impact of a global pandemic is out of your control, there are a few crucial things you can control in 2021 – and good oral hygiene is just one!

We want you to focus on setting achievable resolutions for the New Year – ones you can stick to no matter what happens in the rest of the world.

So, read on and discover Midland Dental Hub’s top New Year’s Resolutions for 2021.


1. Brush and Floss your teeth

We don’t want to sound like a broken record, but seriously, if all you do is brush and floss your teeth daily, your oral health will improve. It really will. Brush twice a day using a soft-bristle toothbrush and fluoridated toothpaste. Follow up with a thorough flossing, using around 18 inches of floss wound around each middle finger, leaving an inch or two to work with. Use clean sections of floss as you move from tooth to tooth.


2. Eat Well – less sugar, more fibre!

Deciding to eat well is a common New Year’s resolution for many health reasons, and we support that! Cut back on sugary treats to avoid tooth decay and focus on high fibre foods that increase saliva production and scrub away plaque and other food bits. The best bit is, your teeth AND your waistline will thank you.


3. Schedule regular visits to your dentist

When was the last time you saw your dentist? Even if your teeth look and feel fine, a check-up help prevent problems developing, or catch a disease early. We recommend you visit every 6-12 months and will happily take bookings in advance. So, book a check-up at Midland Dental Hub with one of our experienced dentists and dental assistants today.


4. Find a friendly family dentist

Midland Dental Hub is a family practice built up of experienced and highly skilled professional dentists and dental nurses. We have your needs and interests at heart. Our outstanding care is delivered in a friendly and caring atmosphere – perfect from the youngest to the oldest members of your family.


5. Smile!

Do you hide your smile by covering your mouth with your hands or by keeping your lips pressed together? Let 2021 be the year you let your smile shine and invest in Teeth whitening or cosmetic improvements with our Midland and Perth dentists. With payment options to suit everyone, you can afford that Hollywood smile.


6. New Year, new health fund rebate!

Some health fund rebates refresh with the financial year, some refresh on the anniversary of your join date, and some follow the calendar year. This means that some people will be able to access their rebate in January 2021! If that is you, book a check-up in January today!

Remember, resolutions don’t happen overnight. They take time and commitment. Take one day at a time, and you’ll be on your way to a healthier smile in no time.

Want to learn more about how to stick to your resolutions? Contact Dr Lyndon Abreu or Dr Troy Ridgwell today. They can help step you stay on track.

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