How To Avoid a Dental Emergency

While we’re always happy to welcome patients needing urgent care at Midland Dental Hub, we know you might not be as keen to see us! No one wants to encounter a dental emergency, but when they do, they’re glad they know an experienced Emergency Dentist in Midland!

From accidental injuries to serious tooth pain, there are many reasons why an urgent visit to an emergency dentist may be required. To help you try to avoid these uncomfortable scenarios, we’ve put together a list of key tips to help lower the risks of serious dental issues.

Have consistent oral care

While you’re likely aware of the following oral health care advice, it’s worth repeating.

To keep your oral health in good condition, brush your teeth and tongue well twice a day, and remember to floss daily. Rinse after meals to lift food particles that cause plaque, and use mouthwash regularly to help eliminate excess bacteria.

Following these steps is the best way to keep your teeth clean and healthy for years to come, and avoid a potential dental emergency. Remember to replace your toothbrush regularly to avoid bacteria build-up, and ensure that your bristles remain gentle but effective.

Don’t ignore irregularities

While it may be tempting to ignore a toothache and hope it will go away, any serious pain or discomfort should be seen by an Emergency Dentist in Midland as soon as possible. Prolonged pain, swelling, or gum discolouration can all be signs of something more serious, making it imperative to have it examined by an expert sooner rather than later.

Ignoring abnormalities can lead to harmful cavities and dental issues. A preventative approach to dental care allows your dental professional to stop small issues in their tracks, helping to prevent them from becoming painful, costly issues down the line.

Protect your teeth

Whether you play contact sports or grind your teeth at night, a mouth guard helps to protect your pearly whites from damage and prevent chipping or cracking. Over time, bruxism (or teeth grinding) can wear away at the tooth enamel, leading to weaker teeth that are more vulnerable to damage.

Many of the dental emergencies seen by the practitioners at Midland Dental Hub are sports-related injuries that could easily have been avoided by using a mouthguard.

Cut down on sugar

While it may seem impossible to completely cut sweets out of your life, it is absolutely worth trying to cut down on sugar intake. Sugar creates a more acidic environment inside of the mouth, which is damaging to tooth enamel and leaves them more vulnerable to further harm.

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