How Serious Is a Cracked Tooth, and Is It a Dental Emergency?

A cracked tooth can happen to anyone, whether it be caused by a sporting accident or teeth-grinding throughout the night. While suffering from a chipped or cracked tooth can be stressful, a visit to a reliable emergency dentist can have your beautiful smile lit back up to full wattage in no time.

Light cracks may not cause pain, but they often impact the smile’s appearance. More serious chips or fractures can cause serious pain depending on the location. Whatever the case may be, it’s always recommended to book an emergency dentist appointment to prevent further damage or discomfort.

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What causes chipped or cracked teeth?

While the main causes of cracked teeth tend to be sporting injuries or accidental slip-and-falls, there are endless reasons why a chipped tooth can occur.

Often, cracks are caused by old dental work that needs re-visiting, knocks that have caused the tooth to hit against another, or the surprisingly common case of people using their teeth to open a bottle or packaging.

Regardless of how your cracked tooth occurred, it’s important to visit your trusted emergency dentist in Midland as soon as possible

Symptoms of a cracked tooth

Depending on the severity of the damage, and the location of the chip or crack, varying symptoms will be experienced. Whether you have light or significant symptoms, book an appointment now to investigate and repair your damaged teeth.

Visible cracks

While it’s possible to have hidden cracks, a visible fracture is a clear indication that damage has occurred. Simply look closely at your teeth in the mirror, or pull in the assistance of a friend to look for visible damage.

Increased sensitivity

Chipped or cracked teeth are more likely to be sensitive to hot or cold temperatures, due to exposed nerves. If you’re experiencing increased sensitivity in a localised area of the mouth, it could be a sign that a cracked tooth is to blame.

Swollen gums

Gum swelling and sensitivity is often a sign that a cracked tooth has resulted in an infection. In this instance, it’s important to visit your dentist in midland immediately for treatment to prevent the spread of infection.


Deep pain in the tooth can be a sign that more serious hidden damage has occurred. This makes it imperative to investigate the cause as soon as possible and prevent the pain from escalating to a more costly, and painful dental emergency.

How to tackle a damaged tooth dental emergency

There are many signs a cracked tooth has become a dental emergency, and the best solution is to visit your reliable emergency dentist as soon as possible for urgent, professional care.

Suitable treatment will depend on the severity of the damage; minor cracks may require simple bonding, while crowns, inlays, or onlays may be required for more extensive restorations. In more serious cases a root canal could be the only option, preventing an infection from taking hold within the damaged tooth.

A reliable emergency dentist in Midland

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