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Government Account Assistance

  • Do you have a child aged between 2 and 17 years of age? Have you received a letter from Medicare outlining that you have funds to use in a private dental practice? If this sounds like you, we may be able to provide your child with treatment free of charge. Call or visit the practice for more information.
  • Midland Dental Hub provides treatment to patients under a subsidy dental scheme. There is a metro and country scheme. You may qualify for treatment through this scheme. There is a process to register, but once completed the process is very simple. You may qualify for 50-75% of your treatment to be covered by the government. If you have health insurance, your portion of the account may be covered by your insurance policy.
  • We also treat patients covered by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Government Funded Dental Care

Navigating the world of dental care can often feel like a daunting task, especially when it comes to managing the financial aspects. Government funded dental care programs are vital initiatives to ensure that access to premium dental care is not a luxury reserved for a few, but a feasible healthcare option for many.

Here at Midland Dental Hub, our commitment to your oral health goes beyond just providing expert dental care. We believe that top-tier dental services should be accessible and affordable to all. That’s why we proudly participate in several government dental care schemes that help reduce the financial burden of your dental treatment.

Once you qualify and complete your registration for these subsidy programs, you may become eligible for a dental treatment subsidy that could cover between 50% to 75% of your costs. This allows you to receive excellent dental care at a fraction of the usual price, with the government footing a substantial part of your bill.

While Medicare usually excludes most dental care services, certain government funded dental care plans are available to bridge this gap. These plans are designed with a clear purpose – to offer much-needed support to individuals who may find it difficult to afford the top-quality dental care they need and deserve. There are a range of schemes available to lend you a hand in your journey towards better oral health, regardless of location. At Midland Dental Hub, our friendly and experienced dental practitioners are always ready to help guide you through this process and ensure you receive the most out of these resources.

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Clarifying Eligibility for State-funded Dental Care

The process of determining your eligibility for government funded dental care plans can sometimes feel complicated. These plans often come with different requirements that are contingent on the specifics of the scheme in question. For instance, if you are a recipient of the Centrelink dental allowance, or if you live in a remote or predominantly rural area, chances are you’re eligible to be included on the public dental health waitlist. You may also qualify for subsidised care from private dental practitioners in regions that are less easily accessible.

In terms of age and concession requirements, you must be 17 years or older and a current holder of a Western Australian Health Care or Pensioner Concession Card to be eligible. These parameters help to ensure that state-funded dental care reaches the demographics that need it the most.

For younger residents, state-funded dental care plans extend their benefits through the School Dental Service (SDS). This service provides free dentistry benefits to children aged between 2 and 17, or up until they finish Year 11, whichever milestone is reached first. These benefits also apply to students attending a school that is officially recognised by the Department of Education.

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Unveiling the Array of Subsidy Dental Schemes

The Dental Health Services (DHS) of Western Australia is an organisation dedicated to facilitating oral healthcare across the state. It offers a range of subsidised dental schemes designed to accommodate both general and emergency care needs. For individuals residing in metropolitan areas, the Metropolitan Patients Dental Subsidy Scheme (MPDSS) provides an incredible opportunity.

Under the CPDSS, MPDSS, and POSS schemes, eligible patients on the public dental waiting list can access urgent and non-urgent dental care at a subsidised rate from approved private dentists. Our adult and children’s dental centre in Midland is a proud participant in this scheme, providing expert care to eligible young patients.

If you’re living in remote areas of Western Australia, you’re not forgotten. The Country Patients Dental Subsidy Scheme (CPDSS) is designed with your needs in mind. This scheme makes it possible for individuals who may struggle to access government dental clinics to receive quality dental care at the standard subsidised rate from approved private dentists. Be sure to visit our Glen Forrest Dental practice to access the CPDSS scheme.

Caring for Our Defence Force

At Midland Dental Hub, we have the utmost respect and appreciation for our defence force. To show our gratitude for their service, we are honoured to provide dental care to patients covered by the Commonwealth Department of Veterans Affairs. This coverage means that, depending on your level of income from the Centrelink dental allowance, up to 100% of any dental treatment you receive could be subsidised.

Trust Fund Dental Plans

If you are eligible for dental care through your trust fund, you’ll find that Midland Dental Hub is more than equipped to assist you. We accept dental plans from a variety of trusts, including mutual trusts, Aboriginal and Indigenous trusts, public trusts, and charitable foundations. Our goal is to make your visit to the dentist as straightforward and stress-free as possible, which includes simplifying the payment process.

If you are ever uncertain about the details of your trust fund coverage or have any related questions, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to assist you over the phone. We believe that clear communication is key to providing top-tier service, and we’re always ready to clarify any uncertainties you may have.

Your Dental Health is Our Priority at Midland Dental Care

If you are eligible for state-funded dental care, the highly skilled and dedicated team at Midland Dental Care is ready and eager to meet your dental health needs. We share the philosophy of WA’s Department of Health Services, a commitment to promoting oral health for all Western Australians and providing general or emergency assistance to those who need it.

Our clinic boasts experienced dental practitioners and a patient-focused approach, ensuring you receive comprehensive, personalised care. We understand the importance of patient comfort and strive to create a relaxed, friendly environment that makes your dental visits a positive experience.

Whether you require a routine check-up, a dental procedure, or even an emergency intervention, we’re prepared to offer expert care that aligns with your specific needs and circumstances. Our wide range of services encompasses preventive care, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, periodontics, paediatric dentistry, and more, ensuring all your dental needs are met under one roof.

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If you’re unsure whether you qualify for dental health care from our private dental clinic in Midland or if you need more information about our involvement in subsidy dental schemes, please feel free to contact us. Should you not meet the criteria for government assistance, you might still be eligible for Midland Dental Hub’s DentiCare payment plans. Our dedicated team is here to answer all your questions and provide any additional information you may need. Call us today to start your journey toward healthier teeth and a brighter smile. Because at Midland Dental Hub, we believe that everyone deserves to smile with confidence.

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