1. To ensure your dentures remain in great condition you are required to clean them after each meal, or at least morning and night. To clean your dentures you rinse away any food particles with warm water, and then brush your dentures with a soft toothbrush and mild soap or denture cleaner. Do not use standard toothpaste, it is too abrasive. Denture cleaning products are available from most pharmacies.

2. Do not place your dentures in boiling water, methylated spirits, bleach or any strong chemicals.

3. While cleaning your dentures, hold it over a basin of water or towelling to avoid breakage if dropped.

4. Avoid sleeping with your dentures in. Removing your dentures while sleeping allows the gums to have a change to rest. Your dentures should be placed in a denture cleaning solution or water overnight. Your dentures should never be left to dry out as this can cause warpage.

5. If you have had extractions on the same day that your dentures are fitted, you are required to leave your dentures in for a full 24 hours post extraction. This extended time aids with healing and ensures that your soft tissue (gums) does not become too inflamed. Inflammation of soft tissue will prevent you from being able to re-insert your dentures. If your dentures become loose, put them back into place immediately. If you are unable to replace your dentures, rinse them and place them in a wet plastic bag. Then call the practice to make an appointment.

6. Please read your post-operative extraction instruction sheet for more information on extraction after care.

7. If your dentures become uncomfortable or loose, please contact the practice for a follow up appointment. Several adjustments may be required before the final fit is satisfactory. An inner liner may need to be placed after some time to correct the fit. Do not try to adjust your own dentures. Your dentures have been carefully designed to fit your mouth. Home repairs may end up causing more problems.

8. Please do not use superglue on your dentures. Cracked dentures should be repaired professionally.

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