Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Living with discoloured or stained teeth can become a burden, and it’s tempting to look into whitening and brightening them to obtain a glowing smile. There are many reasons teeth can become darkened, but regardless of the cause, it’s important to choose safe practices, such as the professional teeth whitening service offered at Midland Dental Hub.

The immediate results of teeth whitening treatments have made it an increasingly popular choice for dental patients of all ages.


Types of teeth whitening

There are multiple options available for teeth whitening procedures, with both professional and over-the-counter options available. Dentists typically offer both in-office treatments and at-home alternatives through custom trays that fit your mouth to be used with specialist whitening gel. 

Professional whitening is a great choice simply because of its effectiveness; qualified dentists can use and provide a higher level of hydrogen peroxide to bleach your teeth with ongoing supervision, resulting in teeth being lightened by several shades in the first session.


How safe is teeth whitening?

The professional teeth whitening service at Midland Dental Hub involves the bleaching of teeth with carbamide peroxide (breaking down into hydrogen peroxide and urea), which creates a chemical reaction that transforms the tooth’s colour. This proven method is considered completely safe, as well as highly effective.

Opting for professional care, as opposed to over-the-counter products, means choosing thoroughly researched and highly regulated teeth whitening procedures. The bleaching agents used are heavily monitored by the Dental Board of Australia, with only professional-grade gels used by all dental practitioners. 

Extensive studies have shown the length of time exposed to bleaching gels is the key to their safety. Professional teeth whitening uses a higher concentration of bleaching agent for a shorter amount of time, allowing for faster results.


Teeth Whitening Treatment AfterCare

With access to bleaching gels agents with special formulations for tooth care as well as whitening, experts can help remove not only surface stains, but deep stains from enamel damage while simultaneously repairing the tooth’s surface and reducing sensitivity (a common short-term side-effect of teeth whitening).

Teeth whitening may require ongoing sessions to maintain results, but focused aftercare can extend the effects. Brush and floss without fail twice a day, use mouthwash once a day and try to avoid staining food and drink such as coffee, tea, red wine, and chocolate. Regular visits to your dentist at Midland Dental Hub will also keep your teeth cleaner, whiter, and healthier for longer.


Teeth whitening at Midland Dental Hub

As long-standing leaders of premium dental care in Perth, the friendly and professional team at Midland Dental Hub are on hand to provide quality care and expert teeth whitening procedures. We also offer a powerful tooth whitening gel to use at home called Polanight, containing soothers and conditioners to reduce sensitivity while enacting transformative tooth whitening.

To learn more about how to achieve a beautifully white smile, or to book an initial consultation for teeth whitening in Midland, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our welcoming team today.

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