State-funded dental care plans

Should you qualify for the subsidy dental scheme provided here in WA, Midland Dental Hub can provide you premium care at a fraction of the usual cost. The scheme requires registration, but once completed you could be eligible for 50-75% off your treatment to be covered by the Government. 

While typical Medicare coverage does not include most dental care, there are state-funded dental care plans to assist those unable to afford the premium care they deserve with plans such as a Centrelink dental allowance for adults. With both metro and country schemes, there are plenty of options available should you need a helping hand, and the friendly dental practitioners at Midland Dental Hub are only too happy to help!


Am I eligible for the Centrelink dental allowance for adults?

While the requirements for state-funded dental care plans vary depending on the scheme, if you receive assistance from Centrelink dental allowance, or live in a highly rural area, you are likely eligible to be placed on the public dental health waitlist or receive subsidised care from private practitioners in remote locations. You must be aged 17 and over with a current Western Australian current Health Care or Pensioner Concession Cardholder. 

Students are also eligible through the School Dental Service (SDS). Children who qualify aged between 5 and 16, or until they finish year 11 (whichever arrives first) can receive free dentistry benefits, as do those attending a school recognised by the Department of Education.


Subsidy dental schemes

Through the Dental Health Services (DHS) of WA, there are multiple subsidised dental schemes for both general and emergency care requirements. The Metropolitan Patients Dental Subsidy Scheme (CPDSS) offers opportunities to eligible patients – on the public dental waiting list – in metro areas to receive non-urgent dental care at a subsidised rate from approved private dentists.

For those living in remote areas of the state, the Country Patients Dental Subsidy Scheme (CPDSS) provides care to those unable to access government dental clinics, by allowing dental services to be carried out at the typical subdised rate by approved private dentists.


Veteran affair cover

Each of the experienced dental practitioners at Midland Dental Hub are proud to provide premium dental care to patients covered by the Commonwealth Department of Veterans Affairs. This means up to 100% of any dental treatment can be subsidised, with your personal level of subsidisation determined from the level of income received from Centrelink dental allowance.


Trust fund dental plans

If you find yourself in a situation where you are eligible for dental care via your trust fund, this is something that Midland Dental Hub can assist you with. We accept dental plans from a variety of trusts including mutual trusts, Aboriginal and Indigenous trusts, public trusts and charitable foundations, to name a few. If you are ever unsure, our friendly staff will be happy to assist you over the phone.


Look after your health with Midland Dental Care

For anyone eligible for state-funded dental care, the highly qualified team at Midland Dental Care are ready and waiting to help with your dental health needs. Our ethos lines up with that of WA’s Department of Health Services; promoting oral health for all Western Australians, and providing general or emergency assistance to those who need it. 

If you’re unsure whether you qualify for dental health care from our private dental clinic in Midland, or require more information about our participation in these subsidy dental schemes, simply call us today.

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