Types of Dentures and What is Best for You?

Whether you’ve lost one tooth or an entire row, you could be a candidate for dentures. Dentures can be life changing, aiming to efficiently fill in oral gaps, helping patients to regain the functionality and confidence that comes with a full smile.


From accidents and injuries to tooth decay and disease, there are many causes of tooth loss. The right type of dentures for you will depend on a variety of key factors, like lifestyle, existing conditions and oral health status.


No one should have to go through life struggling with eating and speaking. The following guide details how quality dentures from Midland Dental Hub can improve your life, and how to find the best kind for you.

Types of dentures

Modern day advancements in oral health care mean that there are now various denture formats to choose from. The best fit depends on your unique requirements, so it’s always best to speak to your trusted denture experts at Midland Dental Hub to determine the right type for you. 

Complete dentures

Full or complete dentures replace all missing teeth, tissue, and gums. This type of denture is typically the best option when tooth restorations are no longer viable. With a look and feel close to original teeth, complete dentures help patients to return to back to chewing, grinding, and eating comfortably. Full dentures are removable, meaning that they are easily cleaned and maintained to ensure optimal longevity.

Partial dentures (removable)

Partial dentures replace only a few missing teeth and can be removed from your mouth. The customised synthetic teeth are placed on a base, helping to restore full functionality of your teeth. When it comes to any kind of dentures, including partial dentures, following denture instructions is vital to maintain their long term quality. As this type of denture can be removed, cleaning and maintenance can easily be undertaken to keep them in great condition.

Partial dentures (fixed)

Fixed partial dentures, or implant supported dentures, are a more permanent format of dentures. Fixed partial dentures latch onto metal posts placed in the mouth, supporting the surrounding teeth and helping to increase stability and functionality. When functioning properly, these dentures stay securely in place while chewing and speaking, so there’s no need to worry about them loosening throughout their day. When it comes to maintenance of fixed dentures, regular brushing and rinsing is key. To keep your fixed dentures in tip-top shape, it’s also important to book regular visits to your dentist, learn more about denture care instructions here.

Immediate dentures

Often, to ensure that customised dentures fit and operate effectively, tooth extractions are required. For some patients extractions can be overwhelming, particularly for those who are having an entire row of teeth removed. Immediate dentures are a favourable option for many people, allowing them to leave the practice after extraction with a smile that they love. 


When dentures have been created in advance, and all impressions, bites and shade selections have been made, some patients can have their dentures fitted immediately after extraction. When the right preparation has taken place and the dentures are fitted immediately, the extraction area is given a great chance to heal. This is because the gums can mould specifically to the denture and will also have little exposure to food or bacteria. Sometimes the bones and gums can shrink back slightly over time, so some patients will require a reline to ensure that their dentures fit snugly.

Finding the right fit for you

Reliable dentures should make chewing and speaking easier and help to prevent facial muscles from sagging. The best type of denture for you will depend unique factors, such as age and the amount of healthy gum tissue remaining. Dentures often require support from surrounding gum and tissue, so it’s important that they are customised specifically to your oral health. At Midland Dental Hub, we’ll help determine the right fit for you, customised to your unique circumstances. 

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To determine the best type of dentures for your needs and lifestyle, speak to the highly trained dental practitioners at Midland Dental Hub. As long-standing trusted providers of custom dentures, our friendly team is on hand to support you through any confusion, with knowledgeable guidance, thorough denture care instructions and ongoing support whenever required. Contact us today to begin your life-changing denture journey.

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