What is a Dental Crown?

So, you’ve heard about dental crowns, but you aren’t sure what they are. We can help. A dental crown is a tooth-shaped object that covers the visible part of a damaged, decayed or mis-shaped tooth. They are usually white in colour, although you can get gold or silver crowns.

Maybe you have a damaged, cracked or decayed tooth, or maybe you’ve been thinking about improving your smile but don’t know where to start. Whatever your reason, read on to learn more about what the team here at Midland Dental Hub can offer you (and your smile).


When do you need dental crown?

If you want to:

  • restore a broken or damaged tooth
  • add strength to a weakened tooth (e.g. after a root canal)
  • replace a tooth when it is too eroded, damaged or decayed to support a filling
  • improve the cosmetic appearance of teeth

If you nodded when reading any of these, then a dental crown might be the right choice for you – and our dentists are experienced at creating custom dental crowns in Midland and Perth.


What are dental crowns made of?

Made from a variety of materials, some dental crowns may be metal-coloured, while most are designed and coloured to match your unique tooth shade.  Before dental crowns were devised, often the only solution was to extract the troublesome tooth, but lucky for us, we have the technology to ensure your smile stays bright and white for years.


The Procedure

1.    Preparation: this often involves removing a significant amount the existing tooth enamel so the crown material can be securely fitted. Once the tooth has been prepared, a temporary crown is put in place until the permanent crown arrives.

2.    Fitting: the temporary tooth cap is removed and the permanent crown is joined.


Caring for your Temporary Dental Crown

Avoid chewy (chewing gum), sticky (lollies) or hard foods (carrots, apples) that may dislodge it. Try to bite and chew on the opposite side of your mouth. Floss your around your crown with a sideways motion as, if you pull the floss up the side of the crown it may catch and come off.


Caring for your Permanent Dental Crown

Long term care for your crown should reflect the daily care you take of your teeth. Brush twice a day and floss daily.


How long do they last?

While dental crowns are a viable long-term solution to restoring damaged teeth, they don’t last forever. In our experience a crown is likely to last 5 – 15 years, but many last longer than that, and some poorly made ones (i.e. cheap) may not even make it to 5 years.

Replace your crown if:

  • It cracks or breaks
  • It wears down
  • It causes excessive wear to other teeth
  • The tooth inside experiences decay
  • Its cosmetic appearance deteriorates (stains)

The better care you take of your crowns, the longer they will last. We recommend a check-up every six months, along with a professional clean.

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