What To Do If You Have a Dental Emergency

A dental emergency is not only a painful experience, but often also a situation where people experience high levels of stress. With dedicated dental clinics retaining same-day appointments for urgent care requirements, it’s straightforward to get the help you need with the right team of emergency dentists midland.
Whether it’s a worsening wisdom tooth infection or a knocked-out tooth, if you’re experiencing serious dental pain, swelling, or bleeding, it’s worthwhile giving a dependable emergency dentist in Midland a call.


Below are our helpful guidelines on what to do should you or a loved one face a dental emergency, and how Midland Dentist can help you.

What counts as a dental emergency?

Like other bodily injuries, a serious dental emergency is often characterised by severe discomfort, prolonged bleeding or anything requiring immediate care to prevent pain and infection.

Examples of life-threatening dental emergencies are uncontrolled bleeding, serious infections causing swelling to impact breathing, and facial trauma or accidents. Other forms of dental emergencies that may not be life-threatening but do need urgent care can include:

  • Worsening tooth pain due to infection or decay
  • Knocked out or loosened teeth due to trauma
  • Tooth fractures, chips, or lost fillings that cause pain
  • Damaged dentures or orthodontics hurting gums or cheeks
  • Wisdom tooth pain, or post-surgery infections

Key steps to take in an emergency dental care situation

  1. Stay Calm – Stress and anxiety tends to only make emergencies worse, so stay calm and try your best to keep a clear head.
  2. Evaluate– Ask key questions to determine how serious the situation is; is the pain, swelling, or bleeding getting worse? Is it localised or spreading?
  3. Clarify Urgency– Serious dental emergencies require immediate care, so after self-evaluation, determine if your symptoms of severe swelling or pain are showing no signs of stopping.
  4. Contact your Dentist in Midland– If you suspect you have a dental emergency, don’t hesitate to contact Midland Dental Hub for an urgent care appointment.
  5. Temporary Self-Care – Certain dental emergencies benefit from immediate care while en route to the dentist. For example:
  • a knocked-out tooth should be held back in the socket
  • cold compresses aid facial swelling
  • salt rinses can help severe toothaches

When to visit an experienced emergency dentist in Midland

There are many levels of severity when it comes to dental emergencies. With this in mind, it can be tricky to determine whether your oral discomfort constitutes an emergency. If you’d like to clarify the urgency of care that you need, feel free to contact our helpful dentists at Midland Dental Hub today

Our reliable emergency dentists specifically reserve time each day for urgent appointments, meaning we can offer same-day bookings when needed.

Remember – if you’re experiencing severe pain or bleeding and your dental clinic is closed, you should visit the ED at your nearest hospital.

Specialist care from Midland Dental Hub

Our long-standing experience as reliable emergency dentists has made Midland Dental Hub a go-to provider of urgent dental care in Perth. Our friendly and helpful team is on hand to help, whether you require a routine appointment or urgent care for a serious dental issue.

Contact us today to enquire about a same-day appointment with an emergency dentist in Midland, or with for any other queries about urgent dental care.


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