Your Guide to Root Canal Treatments

Root canal procedures have some unpleasant connotations, but this stigma has long been inaccurate. Contemporary advancements in dentistry have made root canals a smooth and relatively pain-free treatment.

Should you require an emergency dentist in Midland to tend to an urgent root canal treatment, it’s best to be informed. The following guide contains everything you need to know about an efficient root canal, and why it may be essential for your oral health.

What is root canal treatment?

A root canal procedure involves the removal of infected pulp from the centre of an inflamed tooth, within the root canal system which runs from the root to crown of all teeth. Typically requiring a multi-stage process, appointments occur between 2-4 weeks apart to allow for healing.

When does a tooth require a root canal?

Once the inside of a tooth becomes decayed or rotten with an infection, it’s imperative to remove the damaged pulp as soon as possible to save the tooth.

Expert dentists will only recommend a root canal for teeth beyond repair from antibiotics or fillings alone, but rest assured the pain from an infected tooth is much worse than the effective treatment with the help of Safe Haven Health.

Signs you may need root canal treatment

Visit an experienced emergency dentist in Midland if you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • Persistent tooth pain
  • Severe teeth sensitivity
  • Inflamed gums
  • Dark spots on your teeth or gums
  • Lump on the gums near the sore tooth

What does a root canal procedure entail?

Once you have been diagnosed with needing root canal treatment, the process is as follows:

  • Local anaesthetic is administered to numb the tooth’s nerve and surrounding gums
  • A small hole is drilled in the damaged tooth, and infected pulp is removed
  • The canal system is cleaned and disinfected
  • The removed pulp is replaced with gutta-percha; a permanent substance to protect the tooth
  • A filling is placed in the tooth
  • A customised, permanent crown is placed in an additional appointment

Root canal aftercare

Choosing the right emergency dentist in Midland

The best way to ensure a safe and effective root canal procedure is by choosing an experienced, reputable dental clinic for urgent treatment and reliable long-term care.

If you’re suffering from painful, worsening oral symptoms don’t hesitate to visit a leading emergency dentist for immediate diagnosis and efficient care as soon as possible. The sooner you receive professional care, the faster functionality and comfort can be restored.

Expert root canal treatments with Midland Dental Hub

Midland Dental Hub is an industry leader for effective, empathic oral health care in Midland. We provides innovative treatments and expert care for cosmetic dentistry requirements like dental implants and teeth whitening as well as efficient emergency appointments and expert root canal treatments with customised crown fittings.

Bookan emergency dentistry appointment now for urgent care, or get in touch to book an initial consultation for a restorative root canal treatment.

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