Top 5 Misconceptions About Teeth Whitening

Have you ever considered whitening your teeth? If so, we have compiled a list of everything you need to know if you are curious about the process or are ready to take the plunge. Perth’s Midland Dental Hub offers a variety of cosmetic dental procedures, including teeth whitening and can help you through every step of the process.

1: Teeth whitening damages your enamel

In terms of professional teeth whitening, recent studies have shown that these procedures are safe for patients and do not contribute to enamel damage or decay. In fact, it is considered to be one of the least invasive cosmetic procedures.

This is mostly because professional teeth whitening processes undergo stringent checks by medical governing bodies in order to ensure patient safety. However, over-the-counter products are not subject to the same measures and can potentially cause the breakdown of enamel.

2: Whitening toothpaste works

Teeth whitening toothpaste can potentially remove minor, superficial stains on teeth. However, it is not an effective process, nor are you likely to see any significant change in the whiteness of your teeth. This is mostly because toothpaste brands cannot sell toothpaste which contains bleaching agents strong enough to provide effective, noticeable results.

Additionally, teeth whitening products need to be in contact with the teeth for prolonged periods to produce an effect, and this simply isn’t possible during a three-minute teeth brushing session. However, whitening tooth paste can be used to help maintain at home bleaching techniques that are provided by a dentist.

3: Professional teeth whitening is painful

The myth that the process of professional teeth whitening is painful, is luckily false. However, it is possible to experience minor tooth sensitivity temporarily after a whitening procedure.

If this is something you are worried about, it is worth consulting your dental practitioner, who will take this into consideration.

4: White teeth are healthier

Although we often associate white teeth with increased dental health, it is possible for someone with white teeth to have dental problems and someone with discoloured teeth to have healthy teeth.

Additionally, as over-the-counter whitening treatments are not regulated, they can sometimes do more harm than good and result in damaged teeth. Therefore, it’s important to consult an experienced cosmetic dentist is you are considering teeth whitening.  

5: Whitening works on all teeth

Teeth whitening is only effective if you have natural teeth. If you have crowns, veneers or bonding resins, they are not able to be whitened, due to the fact that they are artificial and would not take on the whitening products.

However, if you feel that your crowns or veneers are not a desirable colour, then it is worth a consult with your dentist to have the colour changed.

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Hopefully, this has cleared up any questions or misconceptions you had about teeth whitening. If you are thinking about getting your teeth whitened in Perth, consider consulting the team at Midland Dental Hub.

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